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TEACHING THE WORLD TO KNIT SOCKS with Christine Perry aka Winwick Mum

September 24, 2021 Lindsay from Postcard from Gibraltar Season 4 Episode 31
Making Stitches Podcast
TEACHING THE WORLD TO KNIT SOCKS with Christine Perry aka Winwick Mum
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the first episode in series four of Making Stitches Podcast. It has been a very busy summer for me researching stories and makers to share with you on the podcast as well as working on my own creative projects too. It's a real joy to be back with you!

In this episode we hear from Christine Perry, who you may know better as Winwick Mum, a champion of sock knitting who has made it her life's work to simplify the sock-knitting process so anyone can achieve success and knit their own socks. Christine's knitting journey began in earnest at the age of 18 when she saw a jumper she simply had to have and her mother told her to knit it herself. It wasn't until several years later though, that her obsession with knitting socks began.

After being told that knitting socks was too difficult too many times at a knit and natter group, Christine decided to make her own tutorial to demystify the process and published it on her blog; Winwick Mum. That was when the 'Sockalong' was born and in the six years since, over 15,000 pairs of socks have been knitted around the world using Christine's tutorials - and those are just the ones she knows about! She went on to write two books with sock patterns in and has her own YouTube channel in which she shows the process of creating socks. Christine has also designed a range of sock yarns for West Yorkshire Spinners.

Christine was a joy to talk to and her enthusiasm for her craft is truly infectious. I can imagine an awful lot of new sock projects will be cast on after listening to this! You can find Christine and her work via her blog Winwick Mum

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