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July 07, 2023 Lindsay Weston Season 6 Episode 60
Making Stitches Podcast
Show Notes

Way back in December 2022 I promised you this episode of Making Stitches with crochet designer Catherine from Catherine Crochets. Unfortunately, life rather got in the way of those plans, so now, six months later than originally promised is the final episode of the current series of Making Stitches.

Catherine got hooked  on crochet while expecting her second child and since then, her passion for tapestry crochet has grown and grown. Her designs have been  featured in books and magazines and she has also designed for yarn companies too. Catherine's designs are often influenced by geometric patterns and, I'm told, are rather addictive to make.

Last November, Catherine was invited to be the guest designer at The Crochet Sanctuary in Cheshire, so I popped along before her workshop to have a chat about her crochet and how it all got started.

You can find Catherine's work on her website, Instagram & Facebook
You can find out more about The Crochet Sanctuary here.

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