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Stand With Ukraine Art Quilts Auction with Olesya Lebedenko

December 20, 2022 Lindsay Weston, Olesya Lebedenko Season 6 Episode 57
Making Stitches Podcast
Stand With Ukraine Art Quilts Auction with Olesya Lebedenko
Show Notes

We first met Olesya Lebedenko on the podcast back in March. Olesya is a Ukrainian textile artist who designs the most beautiful art quilts. She moved to Canada with her family back in 2014 and since then has become a Bernina ambassador as well as a regular on the quilt show circuit in Canada and the United States.

In our last chat, in Episode 41, Olesya spoke about the evolution of her craft from making rag dolls and running workshops in Kyiv to creating quilts in Canada as well as her fears for her friends and family back at home and the unfolding war. Since then, Olesya has lost a dear friend in the bombing and spoke about her loss in this episode between 21:30 and 30:30 in the podcast.

Olesya has been inspired to create four beautiful large quilts - the polar opposite of her usual mini quilt projects and blocks - 'Acorn Power', 'Blossom of Hope', 'Knot for Luck' and 'Stand Together' are up for auction to raise much needed funds for four Ukrainian charities; Magic Food Army, Medical Battalion 'Hospitallers', Ruslan Goroviy and Serhiy Zhadan. You can find all the information you need about the auction and the charities involved here.

Whilst the bids for the quilts may be too much for many to donate, there are  quilt patterns which you can buy too - the proceeds of which will be added to the charity total.

My thanks to Olesya for her time speaking to me again for Making Stitches.

You can find Olesya's website here.

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