Making Stitches Podcast

YARN, FOOD, NATURE & THE UNIVERSE with Kitey from the Yarn Whisperer

July 01, 2022 Lindsay Weston Season 5 Episode 48
Making Stitches Podcast
YARN, FOOD, NATURE & THE UNIVERSE with Kitey from the Yarn Whisperer
Show Notes

The last couple of years have seen many of us take a step back and reconsider what it is we want to do with our lives. The pandemic gave us a new perspective and often forced us to change paths. Kitey from the Yarn Whisperer is no different. After a 30 year-long career in teaching in various countries around the world, he found inspiration in a plate of Padron Peppers whilst on holiday in Spain and decided yarn was the way forwards for him.

Kitey's first attempts at dying his own yarns were inspired by the green peppers and white sangria from his holiday. He now has a thriving online indie yarn dying business and lives a life filled with colour. He says his main inspirations are food (as I already mentioned), nature and the universe - so he'll never run out of ideas! He's joined forces with designers and collaborated on a number of projects - his next one being the Dragonfly River make-along with Heather from Keep Calm and Crochet on UK which launches later this month.

A self-professed "stash enabler", Kitey's enthusiasm for creativity and for making the crafting community an open and welcoming space for everyone is at the very heart of his work. I hope you enjoy listening to our chat, as much as I enjoyed chatting with Kitey himself. 

You can find Kitey at the Yarn Whisperer website, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & YouTube.

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